Day 9 – Elk City to Tucumcari

Well today has been a great day for site seeing some famous landmarks along Route 66. We started this morning with a light breakfast at our hotel to get us going. We set off at around 9.30 and had less of a drive then planned due to us pushing on a bit yesterday. Not long after setting off we crossed the state line from Oklahoma to Texas.


First stop today along Route 66 was the Britton water tower which has a slight problem, see if you can tell what’s wrong here…….


hmmmm. After a quick stop there we carried on to Groom, a very small place but with a very large Crucifix!! You can see it for miles. I think the first time we spotted it we were around 12 miles away….


As we approached we didn’t realise that there was also a lot of other monuments to see and walk around. So we got out and had a look. The statues were amazing, really incredibly detailed. I’m not that religious but can definitely appreciate what we were looking at. There was quite a lot of people there too, which considering the place was pretty much out in the sticks, was surprising!






Next stop was something I’d been looking forward too, Cadillac Ranch. What a great place. It’s just outside Amarillo and consists of 10 old Cadillacs all stuck in the ground at the same angle and all facing the same way, in the middle of a massive field. The idea is that people graffiti on them and decorate them. There was spray cans all over and everyone was writing stuff on them. I wasn’t too keen on using the spray cans as it was a little windy and I didn’t want to spray myself! But then I spotted a paint brush in a pot of red paint so I wrote my name on one! I thought that was cool! I’m sure within a couple of days it will have been sprayed over but I enjoyed doing it anyway.








It was getting towards lunchtime and we still had a way to go to get to our planned lunch spot so we cracked on with the journey, again bobbing on and off Route 66 and the freeway which runs next to it. Once we arrived in Adrian we found our spot for lunch, the Midway Point Cafe!!


A great little cafe where Mark had a hotdog and I had a burger! We both expected them to come with fries however they came with a bag of Lays crisps, much to the amusement of my brother who I had just been face timing!!! As if they don’t do fries! Anyway, the food was great and we even had a pie each for dessert. After we’d eaten we headed outside for lots of pics. The policeman who had pulled up just down the road was probably entertained with the amount of pics we took!




By this point I think it was around 3.30pm so we headed off again. Not far up the road is a little place called Glenrio, which is actually right on the state line for Texas and New Mexico. We had to then put our watches back by one hour, which seemed odd. So we’re now 7 hours behind UK time. We had seen this place on the Billy Connelly programme about Route 66 so thought we’d check it out. It’s an interesting place because there is only 1 resident left, a lady who I think was called Roxane. Everyone else had left the town as it was slowly dying. And sure enough all the buildings including a motel were empty and left for ruins. There was a dog which barked at Mark when he got out of the car so we assumed that was where she lived! It’s such a shame that so many little towns like this along Route 66 are just empty places now after they built the freeway and people stopped going there.




We’ve been through quite a few states now and you can tell when out on the open road that the landscapes are all very different…

Oklahoma (very green, think this part had been hit by the recent twisters)


Texas (very flat and the land is not so green, more like dead grass from the sun!)


New Mexico (few mountains appearing and the land is more red)



Last stop of the day was our motel called The Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari.

What a great little Motel. It’s a vintage motel and really quaint. The owner is lovely and she showed us to our room. There are chairs outside each room and most guests sit outside and all chat away to each other. The rooms are small but more than adequate for a 1 night stay.





We got all unpacked and was ready to go sit outside then the heavens opened up! It’s 90 degrees outside but chucking it down! Gutted. We’re just waiting for it to stop before we head of for some tea. I hope it stops soon!

Update, we waited and waited and it wasn’t stopping, so we headed out the car and off to subway. We got soaked!!!

K xxx


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